Kyriba: Treasury Management with Multi-tenant SaaS Solution

Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman & CEO
“As organisations continue to expand operations globally, the need for treasurers to meet the growing demands of international operations like cash management and forecasting in different currencies, countries and business units, is challenging,” begins Jean-Luc Robert, chairman and CEO of Kyriba. However, when it comes to cash flow forecasting, treasurers demand a greater accuracy to assure the smooth functioning of the global fund requirements across global business units. To this need, Kyriba—a cloud-based proactive treasury management solution provider aids CFO’s to optimize their cash, manage their risk, and work on their capital efficiently. “Kyriba delivers true treasury management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and has done so for over a decade with a singular focus on our Kyriba Enterprise platform worldwide," says Robert. The firm’s flagship product, Kyriba Enterprise delivers optimized decision-making, reduced risks, enhanced control and compliance, and increased operational productivity. “Through this, we enable treasurers to better minimize risk, add visibility into global accounts, and offer highly-valued strategic guidance to the management team,” notes Robert.

The San Diego, CA based firm uniquely delivers global visibility into cash, liquidity, and risk exposures enabling CFOs and treasurers to get information and focus on analyzing ways to make more effective financial decisions. ‘Th Treasury Cloud’, powered by Kyriba offers a suite of complete solutions for corporate treasury and finance. It gains benefit by maximizing cash liquidity for companies that often witness a fluctuation in cash flow. Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance—a collaborative platform, integrated with Treasury Cloud helps various companies to manage their capital requirements and minimize the risk of supplier disruption due to illiquidity. With Kyriba the data around is expedient, accurate and controlled.

Apart from treasury management, Kyriba provides systematic financial technology services such as, fraud management, financial risk management, and payment assurance. The firm delivers treasury processes in standardized workflows by eliminating manual steps, ensuring high protection against accidental mistakes and fraud attempts.

Treasurers rely on Kyriba to be a strategic business partner to their organizations, and we are proud to be a part of their success

“We also offer a risk management toolkit for CFOs and treasurers, and provide essential support for enterprise risk programs,” remarks Robert. Kyriba also enables financial controls to reduce the propensity for fraud and cybercrime and minimize the operational risks for treasurers relying on spreadsheets with standardized workflows and automated procedures. Additionally, Kyriba’s financial transactions modules—fully integrated with the cash forecast, payments, and accounting enable clients to easily manage and track debt, investments, intercompany, (Forex) FX, and derivative transactions.

As a testimony of such expertise, Kyriba brings in an interesting case-study where Atkore, an international manufacturer of building materials approached the company to provide a cost-effective solution to run their lean treasury department. Atkore was entirely reliant on spreadsheets to run its treasury management program. The client’s key challenge of using spreadsheets for its cash positioning was that their team spent considerable amounts of time preparing reports. Moreover, it was not possible to pull time-specific inquiries for individual accounts, making it very difficult to perform detailed analysis of individual cash positions. With Kyriba’s SaaS Platform, all of Atkore’s bank accounts were automatically imported into a single, web-based platform. This enabled Atkore’s team to quickly track balances and perform detailed analysis on individual vendor receipts, making it impossible to perform analysis at a granular level, for running the business more successfully.

“Treasurers rely on Kyriba to be a strategic business partner to their organizations, and we are proud to be a part of their success,” beams Robert. For years to come, Kyriba also plans to expand its reach geographically in Europe and Asia.


San Diego, CA

Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman & CEO

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