Aatrix Software: Simplifying the Payroll Processes and Payments

Steve Lunseth, President & CEO
The corporate finance is undergoing a sea of change by incorporating latest technological advances in the payroll processes and payments. This is to alleviate payroll processes from delayed payments. Besides, the technology can help accounting departments meet the myriad of Federal, State and Local agency regulations in the payroll reporting requirements. Set against such a backdrop is a Grand Forks based company Aatrix Software that has transformed payroll processes with its innovative accounting and automated software reporting solutions. The firm acts as a one-stop-shop solution to carry out different kinds of payments and reports in varying formats and compliance procedures. “We provide the firms with solutions that are affordable and user-friendly, while reducing their workloads in preparing payroll reports,” says Steve Lunseth, President and CEO, Aatrix Software.

Founded in 1986, the firm originally focused on developing Macintosh-based accounting and payroll applications. Aatrix later went on to establish their Electronic Forms Division, a Windows development group, to create a comprehensive state and federal payroll reporting module that could be easily integrated with any accounting software. The Fed/State Payroll Reports & Payments module helps the employers overcome challenges of complex payroll reporting requirements from state, local, and federal agencies. The module provides customers with automatically completed state and federal payroll reports directly from their accounting software. Aatrix’s 1800 electronic forms allow customers to automatically complete over 330 state and federal Unemployment, Withholding, New Hire reports, and payments from their payroll software data. “The solution eliminates the need to create these reports manually and once the reports are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited on screen, they can be printed on paper and mailed to the agencies,” says Lunseth.

Once the organizations review the form, they can click on the "eFile" option and the information is sent directly to the Aatrix Single Point eFile Center and then to the appropriate agency in the correct format.

We provide the firms with solutions that are affordable and user-friendly, while reducing their work-load in preparing payroll reports

Making the payroll processes simpler for employers is another offering from the company, Aatrix’s Ultimate Payroll module helps the accounting department track the number of employees working hours, sick leave, pension plans, employee evaluations, and holidays. Furthermore, it calculates the deductions and creates liability payments, thus helping the customers save a lot of time and money. Aatrix also offers over 80 HR and Payroll management forms that can be automatically filed in with employee and company information. The forms are saved in a local directory and can be retrieved during annual reviews, enrollment periods, or any other requirements.

In one of the instances, Westfield Farm had approached Aatrix to incorporate the Payroll Reports module into their accounting software. The firm until then had to invest hours for filing and sending the payroll reports. However, after incorporating the solution, Westfield was able to save many hours of printing, and collating with forms in minimal costs.

The firm is on a quest to continue expanding its Electronic Forms Division in order to add HR, sales tax and other forms needed by the companies. “We will continue to evolve according to the market changes and will enhance our solutions in order to meet the growing demands of the payroll and HR reporting departments,” concludes Lunseth.

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Steve Lunseth, President & CEO

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