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Phil Duff, Founder and CEO
“Businesses expect ERP systems to work out of the box; if they fail to do so, it causes untold hardships,” says Phil Duff, Founder and CEO, SYSPRO. He founded the company with the notion that it is better to write a packaged solution –but the trick is to make it configurable so that the customer has more set-up options which change the behaviour of the product. Being founded on principles of flexibility, SYSPRO has been very conscious of matching expectations of businesses, particularly in the mid-market where they typically don’t have an army of consultants or an IT department to help them. “As a result, they rely on the product working sensibly and appropriately, literally out of the box,” he adds.

From the outset, SYSPRO has not only delivered core operational functionality, but has developed the financial audit trails required by Chief Finance Officers and Chief Public Accountants, along with the ability to generate the necessary financial statements and information in the formats required. “SYSPRO enterprise software is an integrated business accounting system, and the flexible nature of the software al¬lows companies to use what they need today to be successful and to expand their usage of the software as their business evolves,” he adds. The company also of¬fers a range of executive dashboards built into the product with interactive ‘what if’ capabilities, which is a significant benefit to the financial crowd. “Auditability is a strength of the SYSPRO product, enabling customers to effectively manage corporate governance and risk,” says Duff.

SYSPRO ERP financial processes can be extended to the web or integrated to other applications using SYSPRO Solutions. Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, provides the API (application program interface) that allows the SYSPRO system to support service oriented architectures (SOA). This type of architecture enables organizations to integrate third-party line-of-business software, external devices, and cloud-based applications with SYSPRO.

The company also offers SYSPRO Espresso, a ground-breaking platform for the mobile world that gives businesses the ability to access their SYSPRO business information as easily as if they were at their desk.
It enables businesses to use applications that will work any time, any place, and on any popular device, providing instant and secure access to information about customers, suppliers, inventory items and other key business information.

Over the decades, SYSPRO has evolved to find traction across various industries from manufacturing to retail because of its configurability. In one such instance, Loftness Manufacturing, a U.S. based specialized equipment manufacturer, has been using SYSPRO for a number of years. The system has produced reliability in inventory, better production planning and flow of products through the plant. SYSPRO has added to an efficiency gain that is allowing the company to handle higher volumes of product and an ever-growing variety of products with no increase to office, management, warehouse, professional or other production supporting personnel.

Auditability is strength of the SYSPRO product, enabling customers to effectively manage corporate governance and risk

Going forward, SYSPRO’s themes for the next two to three years will primarily be driven by smartphone technology. Most ERP vendors are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can no longer deliver software that, while functional, looks unappealing, behaves in an illogical manner and makes it hard for the customer to engage. “Our roadmap will focus on beautifying our software so that the user can engage with it,” he adds. Also, SYSPRO wants to make sure that their ERP software continues to connect to the world. To achieve this, the company is working with new technologies such as wearables, Google glass, IoT, collaboration, neural networks – which are all about connecting data that’s stuck out there in the internet sphere and making good sense of it.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Phil Duff, Founder and CEO

SYSPRO is the leading independent developer of ERP software for financial, manufacturing and distribution solutions.