Multiview: Corporate Finance Made Simple

John Leslie, President and CEO Until recently, the corporate finance team was not an integrated part of the overall information repository required to manage and evaluate corporate performance. For all practical purposes, the finance team only spun into action during the month, quarter, and year-end review process. But business today is far more dynamic and sophisticated. Now finance teams are responsible for producing and distributing key corporate financial data and operational analytics to all the stakeholders in the organization. Businesses that want to stay competitive and thrive need real time analysis of financial and operational data to shorten planning cycles, improve budgeting and forecasting performance, and to better understand the performance of the key metrics that drive their business. To provide these insights, the finance department has to work with the IT team to find solutions that are robust enough to handle wide-ranging challenges, and that can bring together multiple disciplines.

Creating a single point of truth
The ability to provide a single point of truth is the mission of Multiview Corporation, an Ottawa, Canada-based company that specializes in innovative financial software. The Multiview solution provides financial Business Intelligence and analytical reporting – plus superior ad hoc inquiries driven by unique drag-and-drop/point-and-click technology. Despite its sophisticated capabilities, the Multiview solution is remarkably easy to use, and doesn’t require the normal IT support demanded by other Tier 1 software solutions.

“During my more than two decades with Multiview, people always ask me about what has changed in the accounting arena, and my answer is always the same – almost nothing,” says John Leslie, Multiview’s President and CEO. “GAAP accounting and its process is the same as it has been for decades. However, the adoption of key technology is revolutionizing the financial application landscape like never before.”

Multiview is at the forefront of this revolution. The company leverages advanced technology (e.g. .NET, relational databases, and cube technologies) in a unique way via its Rapid Development Tool (RDT), which allows Multiview to address the specific needs of its clients, all the while leveraging its integrated suite of financial modules as well as its ViewSource360™ integration capabilities.

Delivering advanced financial management with a difference
Multiview .NET n10, the company’s flagship offering, delivers a full-featured financial management solution that encompasses financial and analytical reporting, Business Intelligence, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Time & Billing, Construction-In-Progress, Work Order Management, Workflow, Imaging, Dash Boards, and Alerts. All of these capabilities are enhanced and integrated with ViewSource360 and brought together by a high-performance budgeting and forecasting module.

Bringing more information together for more insights
What differentiates Multiview from other solutions is its ability to incorporate real time, detailed data from a variety of production systems – then amalgamate both the financial data and the production data. With Multiview, end-users can view operational data without having to return to the production application to analyze or reconcile detail transactions. With the Multiview solution at their fingertips, operational managers can view financial data synthesized along with their production data – without requiring IT involvement or manipulation by the finance team’s resources.
“Our product helps achieve a 50 to 80 percent productivity gain in the finance team’s performance,” says Leslie. “It’s like hiring additional staff without the overhead.” The Multiview solution also supports consolidations, multi-currency, and inter-company transactions – plus unlimited budgeting and statistical reporting. It can generate a financial report for any period, from a day to unlimited years of data. In short, the Multiview solution does it all.

The Multiview Approach: A real-world approach to financials
The Multiview solution’s long list of capabilities reflects Leslie’s years of experience in the field. “For a long time, I have watched companies build different tools to handle different functionality,” says Leslie. “For example, most companies solve their analytical and budgeting issues with individual solutions purchased from 3rd-party suppliers representing a particular market niche. This approach adds cost and complexity and requires more IT involvement to distribute and support the solution.”

Multiview takes a different path. Its fully integrated approach, which combines financial data with supplemental operational data plus budgeting/forecasting capabilities, set it apart in the marketplace. Eliminating the need for many 3rd-party tools, Multiview .NET n10’s inherent capabilities – combined with ViewSouce360 robust integration capabilities – extend the Multiview solution from the accounting and finance arena into day-to-day operations. With Multiview, all stakeholders gain unparalleled visibility into wide-ranging data – a major business advantage.

What we do for CFOs and their staff is clear – we simplify their daily life. We help them run their companies by understanding their financial position better via financial data combined with operational data and analytics. It’s that simple.

A reputation for results
The Multiview solution’s unique features, as well as the company’s ability to respond quickly to address additional needs, is well-known in the marketplace. For example, an $8 billion public company recently sought Multiview’s help to build a new construction-in-progress and work order management solution. Using its RDT and drawing from its fully integrated suite of financial modules, Multiview made fast progress. “We signed the contract in July, 2014 and designed, coded, tested, and implemented the solution by December that year,” recalls Leslie. “The client had solicited bids from Oracle and SAP to do the same thing. Their cost was 4x to 5x more expensive, and required a year to a eighteen months of additional time,” he adds.

The result? “The BPI tools we designed enhance the productivity of the individual user and the entire organization,” says Leslie. “Our tools can move data and images electronically throughout the company with ease, while creating a clear audit trail for each and every transaction.” Supporting documents, (Excel spreadsheets, PDFs of invoices and contracts) are readily available to support each inquiry. The Multiview solution increases the transparency of both the financial and production data during financial reporting.
And it delivers a single point of truth, which is the Multiview Advantage – as well as a powerful advantage for Multiview’s diverse and committed clients.

Flexible enough to meet any financial requirement
Why is Multiview so popular? Multiview addresses one of the biggest pain points associated with today’s high-growth companies – the inability to rapidly scale systems and processes required to keep pace with the demands of information stakeholders. “Whether you have two staff accountants or two hundred, Multiview offers the firepower of a sophisticated solution with ease-of-use and simple implementation unmatched by other solutions,” says Leslie. Multiview achieves this level of simplicity with what it calls a Lego approach to the data structure, plus its point-and-click/drag-and-drop technology, which allows individual users to easily customize the solution and the way it reacts based on their preferences – without IT involvement. “Our simple customization is more than a major productivity benefit,” Leslie says. “It’s a major end-user satisfaction booster. Now users can control the way the solution responds to them. They don’t have to modify their daily processes to adhere to a fixed format offered by competing solutions.”

A commitment to making life simpler and better for the finance department
Multiview emerged as a high-tech company in 1990 and remains committed to the old-fashioned belief that employees should play a crucial role in the company’s expansion. “We started with 12 people and we still have almost half of the original crew,” says Leslie. “Now most of our employees have been with the organization for more than 15 years.” An experienced team with technical and financial expertise keeps customer satisfaction at the highest levels. “What we do for CFOs and their staff is clear – we simplify their daily life,” says Leslie. “We help them run their companies by understanding their financial position better via financial data combined with operational data and analytics. It’s that simple.”

Providing unmatched customer support
Multiview takes pride in offering unparalleled competency. “We can accept a new development request from an existing client or prospective client and deliver the new functionality – fully integrated with their existing functionality and technology – in less time and for less money than competing solutions,” says Leslie. “Other Tier 1 suppliers often offer similar capabilities but take far longer and at a cost that is generally 5x more expensive than Multiview. And at the end of the day, the solution requires IT support plus high-priced experts to configure and implement.” Regular product support is delivered directly by Multiview’s expert customer support representatives, who are assigned to specific clients. “Our customer services staff is filled with degreed accountants who have five or more years of Multiview knowledge and expertise,” says Leslie. “They accept calls directly and resolve 95 percent of their daily calls on the initial phone contact. With Multiview, you’ll never hear, please listen carefully, our menu has changed since you last phoned.”

A long list of successful implementations
Multiview is a trusted corporate finance solutions provider for companies with revenues ranges from $10 million to more than $650 billion. “Our market is focused on financials plus data analytics, and spans all three market segments – small, medium, and large enterprises,” says Leslie. Multiview clients cover more than 40 industries, and many are listed on the major North American stock exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMER, and TSE). “Multiview is a unique supplier in this market because our solutions combine wide-ranging, industrial-strength capabilities with enormous functional depth and breadth,” says Leslie. “Plus we can handle large transaction volumes, all at a very affordable price.


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John Leslie, President and CEO

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