Kyriba: Proactive Treasury Solutions using SaaS

Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman and CEO
CFO’s and global financial leaders are finding ways to extract benefits from mechanizing the treasury processes involved in businesses. Kyriba, a global leader in next generation SaaS treasury solutions, offers a ‘Proactive Treasury Management’ approach in their solutions and methodologies for treasury departments to better anticipate and plan for market volatility, regulation, and fraud. “Our solutions enables companies to easily visualize account authorities, so that anomalies can be identified and changes made, without analyzing individual accounts or signatories,” remarks Jean- Luc Robert, CEO and Chairman, Kyriba.

Kyriba offers systematic financial technology services like Treasury Management, Fraud Management, Financial Risk Management, Payment Assurance and Supply Chain Finance. The company’s flagship product named ‘Kyriba Enterprise’ incorporates several dedicated modules. ‘Kyriba Connectivity’ module offers an extensive access to any bank globally through a secure SaaS platform to send and receive bank statements and payments. Kyriba’s ‘Extended Security’ module provides additional layers of application security to protect the treasury workflows to ensure protection from frauds and cyber attacks. “As Kyriba is 100% SaaS, we take responsibility for ongoing maintenance and operation of our clients' connectivity, drastically reducing the dependency on internal IT departments,” explains Robert.

Apart from security modules, the ‘Kyriba Pro’ integrates cash and liquidity needs of midmarket organizations through a fully web based solution with improved visibility, productivity and control over transactions. Kyriba’s solutions can be extended to touch-based iOS devices, encompassing core treasury management functionalities, eradicating the need for accessing workstations in order to execute transactions. Since the company focuses on ‘Proactive Treasury Management (PTM) solutions, the treasury teams are empowered with the platforms and insights to deliver a real corporate value through their services. “Proactive Treasury Management (PTM) optimizes cash flow by maximizing treasury and payment operations, manages risks by providing deep exposure to the treasury team, and creates a strategic awareness of your cash position to help make decision that benefits the organization far beyond treasury,” says Robert.
The company recently released a new version of their flagship product—‘Kyriba 15.0’, free of cost to existing customers. The update includes measures to improve security and fraud prevention, Strategic Cash Forecasting, and secure payments through addition of international formats. Kyriba’s solution has a proven track record in adding value to an organization by integrating proactive process improvements and treasury technologies. CGA, a specialist in the field of business trade credit approched Kyriba to automate and mange its financial flow in order provide its customers a robust and feature-rich platform. CGA’s key requirement was to support true globalization for customer/ supplier workflows. This was critical, as CGA’s solutions were expanding and had to have the ability to manage operations in a multi-country context, with multiple principals, language, currency, and banks to support liquidity to the clients supply chain. “By combining a variety of Kyriba’s proactive platforms, we provided CGA with synergies between Supply Chain Finance (SCF) features, treasury management and payment functions, which understands the interdependency of the treasurer’s functions,” articulates Robert.

Kyriba helps your organization make effective financial decisions through enhanced visibility into your cash and liquidity positions, and risk exposures

The International Data Corporation rates Kyriba as the “world’s fastest growing treasury management software vendor”. The company which serves 1,000 clients in more than 100 countries recently launched its Middle East headquarters in Dubai, denoting the company’s aspiration to serve across regions and industries.“With the establishment of Kyriba’s Dubai location, we look forward to both providing a higher level of service to our existing clients, as well as bringing the benefits of SaaS-based treasury management to treasurers and CFOs across the region. I am confident that we will replicate the success that we have seen in our other expansion markets across Europe and Asia,” concludes Robert.


San Diego, CA

Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman and CEO

Kyriba is the global leader in cloud-based Proactive Treasury Management. CFOs, treasurers and finance leaders rely on Kyriba to optimize their cash, manage their risk, and work their capital.