Intacct: Accounting Strategies for Optimizing Businesses

Accounting is an important business function that organizations strive to streamline in order to facilitate the process of recording and analyzing financial information. This information holds grave importance as it showcases the details of business operations and its authenticity. Due to the growing need of contemporary solutions for managing the accounting segment, organizations have begun a hunt for viable partners that can meet their accounting demands and needs. Based in San Jose, CA, Intacct, a provider of financial applications, enables organizations to automate accounting processes, gain complete business visibility, and drive growth. Intacct offers a vast array of products to the customers to automate most important processes and reduce their reliance on spreadsheets. “We help organizations customize cloud financial systems according to their business needs by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences, all without costly coding or scripting,” says Robert Reid, CEO, Intacct. The company has garnered global acclamation for their expertise in the arena of accounting, contract and revenue management, project and fund accounting, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, delivered through cloud computing.

Intacct was founded with a mission to eliminate the productivity-draining manual processes of account payables. In this light, the company introduced their cloud-based software to manage account payables to allow their customers to automate tactical vendor management workflows across the entire accounts payable process with speed and efficiency. Intacct also bridges the communication gaps in quote-to-cash process through its software’s order management feature, which enables customers to save time, ensure accuracy, and improve profitability. It gives customers with the freedom to handle higher order volumes, manage process complexity and price structures.

Apart from automating the accounting processes, Intacct also clarifies policies and gathers missing information with Intacct Collaborate, a secure social layer embedded in customers’ Intacct financial management system. “It spans every process and device so that the organizations’ finance, sales, and services teams can cooperatively resolve any issue,” says Reid.
Intacct is also at the forefront in assisting its customers to streamline procurement and payments through purchase order software, which enables customers to take control over complete procure-to-pay process. The company further provides prolific software for maintaining general ledger, improving cash management, reporting and dashboards and Digital Board Book.

Intacct spans its services across myriad of industries from accounting firms to healthcare, hospitality, retail, franchise, wholesale distribution, business consulting, IT consulting and non-profits. Intacct has assisted various software companies manage their foundations and expand their franchises through Intacct Cloud accounting software by mitigating their problems. In an implementation highlight, NDH Group, a professional consulting firm for accounting and tax solutions, needed a web-based financial management tool to give its clients a real-time access to their information while helping them reach beyond the restrictions of traditional on-premises accounting systems. NDH implemented Intacct’s cloud financial management applications to meet their client's demands. After successful implementation of cloud financial management applications, NDH was able to provide real-time reports and analytics to their customers at anytime, regardless of location, and close their clients’ monthly books faster while improving collection speeds.

Moreover, with immaculate cloud-based management software, Intacct distinguishes itself in the financial landscape by automating the organizations’ business processes with customized solutions. “Intacct ERP accounting software is the best choice for mid-market organizations looking to move forward with modern, cloud-based financial management,” says Reid.

We help organizations customize cloud financial systems according to the their business needs

Moving forward, Intacct is constantly supporting businesses to grow, scale, and evolve to achieve success. “We will continue to assist our customers grow better every day with Intacct,” concludes Reid.


Intacct is a provider of cloud ERP software. Bringing cloud computing to finance and accounting, Intacct's applications are the preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions.