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Steve Lunseth, President and CEO
Initially, Payroll Accountants were expected to manually type onerous government forms. For 50 employees, they were required to type up to 375 data items for an unemployment form for one state. They had to mail completed forms to multiple agencies including New Hire Reporting, Payments, Wage Withholding, W2s, 1099’s amongst others. As a result, larger companies spent days each quarter typing State and Federal Reports.

Employers are confronted with an incredible challenge to comply with the miriad of payroll reporting requirements from local, state, and federal agencies. Staying current with unemployment reporting and payments, wage withholding reporting and payments, new hire reporting, payroll payments, as well as, year end filing of W2s, ACAs and 1099s is nearly impossible. Aatrix Software transformed this, time consuming, herculean task into an automated process completed in a few minutes. Headquartered in Grand Forks, ND, Aatrix Software provides innovative Payroll Reporting software solutions meeting the needs of small and mid-market businesses with their payroll and HR reporting. “Aatrix provides a Single Point, Single Process eFile Center so Payroll Administrators no longer have to go to multiple websites with different credentials and hand key information,” says Steve Lunseth, President and CEO at Aatrix Software.

Aatrix added a Single Point eFile Center so Payroll Accountants no longer have to go to multiple websites with different credentials and hand key information

Aatrix enjoys an incredible 97 percent “recommend” rating from users for Electronic Forms and eFiling. Over 335,000 businesses updated their Aatrix Payroll Reporting/Payments solution to print signature-ready reports or eFile to the Aatrix Payroll eFile Center.

Aatrix is a fully integrated OEM solution used by over 30 of the most popular payroll software solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Aatrix saves the typical payroll software developer $100s of thousands in annual development costs while delivering a superior product to the end user.

Aatrix Software

Grand Forks, ND

Steve Lunseth, President and CEO

A provider of innovative accounting software solutions to meet the needs of small businesses with their finance and payroll.