Axletree Solutions: Swiftly Automating the Treasury Channels

CIO VendorMohan Murali, President Corporate houses with worldwide operations and multiple banking relations no longer trust the simplicity of excel sheets and reports for clear visibility into their cash, locations, liabilities, and cash flow projections. However, the lack of automation is still forcing them to manually examine the bundle of reports to make effective decisions. Addressing these issues by providing access to intelligent data in real-time is Axletree solutions, a bank communication and treasury automation specialist.

Spearheaded by Mohan Murali, President, Axletree was born as a SWIFT service bureau that operates a client’s connection to SWIFT, the primary platform of choice for financial communications for organizations worldwide. Realizing that just bank connectivity is not enough, Axletree expanded to treasury applications. “We decided to be at head end—treasury, than at the tail end of connectivity,” says Murali.

The company provides end-to-end solutions to banks and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Axletree’s SWIFT Connectivity solution for bank communications offers the clients robust, end-to-end SWIFT solutions and services ranging from connectivity to implementation, support, maintenance and value-added services.
The error-free performance of this solution made Axletree the first Service Bureau in North America to obtain SWIFTReady Connectivity Best Practices Label in 2011 and is all ready in position to get the Premier Service Bureau label.

Axletree’s SaaS based treasury management solutions, branded under TreasurYtree incorporates modules for different segments of the industry. This powerful hub delivers a clutter free interface that automates everything from routine transactions, reconcile balances and forecast cash positions in real time, through intuitive dashboards. The solution manages a company’s cash liquidity and identifies problems even before they arise–allowing the company to streamline their treasury operations and cut operational costs without sacrificing the ability to react to changing market conditions.

“While others take half a million to one million dollars for implementation and over six months to set up the solution, we do that in a fraction—about one fifth of cost, and as quick as in two months,” claims Mohan. This has helped Axletree gain a great clientele, including Google, American Express and Knight Capital for the SWIFT connectivity solutions and First Data corporation for the Treasury management solutions.

A Fortune 500 oilfield services company, with operations in more than 80 countries and banking relations to more than 200 banks, was looking to reach geographically spread banks and download data. Moreover, the treasury operations handled by an inbuilt module in Baker Hughes’ ERP solution had no dashboards.
The company approached Axletree for a solution. “With Axletree’s dashboard-centric solution, seeing information was just a two month project—against a year for ERP module. Through the SWIFT connectivity, we also allowed them to get access to all banks through a single channel and single set of security,” inputs Mohan. Within three months of going live, this customer started downloading 30 percent of bank accounts and 50 percent in six months.

With global clients spread across Canada, China, Europe, India, Russia, and the U.S., the company is dedicated to serve its customers through 24/7 support channels. This dedication is reflecting in the company’s customer retention rate. “Industry leaders like Knight Capital and UPS have been with us since 2007 and American Express since 2008,” says a prided Murali. Guided by Jim Collins’ Hedgehog concept—deeply passionate about service delivery; economic engine driven by good Year Over y ear growth; and best in the world by serving global leaders, Axletree foresees itself to be the leading SaaS provider in the treasury automation space, with best in class SWIFT connectivity.

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Axletree Solutions

North Brunswick, NJ

Mohan Murali, President

A bank communication and treasury automation specialist, providing end-to-end solutions to banks and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.