Top 20 Corporate Finance Tech Companies - 2018

The fluctuating domestic and international economic conditions prevailing today have stirred an upbeat amongst corporate executives regarding the financial stabilities of their respective companies. Considering the diverse potential of Corporate Finance in retrieving the equilibrium between capital investments and returns, several upgrades are being incorporated to anchorage the most out of it.

The industry is at the frontiers of innovation investing aggressively in digital transformation projects, besides leveraging high-end technologies like blockchain. In an effort to boost the customer experience, companies are developing immersive UX design with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). That’s not all. Static budgets being financially non-agile, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence come into play to automate manual and repetitive tasks, and usher rollup forecasts. These forecasts predict futuristic market conditions and change continuously in accord with those conditions, thereby overcoming the limitations of traditional static budgets. With one end of Corporate Finance being supported by neoteric technology, the other end is underpinned by expanding the role of Chief Financial Officers (CFO). By introducing Zero-based Budgeting, CFOs have been able to justify the expenses for every budget period with demonstrations. Doing so, they have defined quantifiable ways to measure success over a financial year and changed the corporate financial attitude. Additionally, these changes in the Corporate Finance ecosystem invite security threats. Therefore, CFOs foster working relationships with associated CISOs and CIOs to avoid potential breaches.

Our distinguished panel comprising eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed several Corporate Finance Technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech Solution Providers - 2018”

Top Companies

Fundbox redefines the lending process for small businesses by leveraging the power of cloud, AI, and data exchange for value

With deep expertise and innovative technology, Merrill Corporation’s team of experienced professionals help customers navigate the secure sharing of sensitive content, perfect and distribute critical financial and regulatory disclosures and create customized and compliant communications

Provides free access to credit reports and scores specifically for small business owners, along with cash-flow analysis and personalized funding recommendations

RouteOne provides an innovative, streamlined process to influence and optimize the consumer and dealer experience at all points of sale, for F&I products, in vehicle finance. As points of sale evolve, the RouteOne tool set will continue to grow with them

Sift Science is a hyper-growth Series D company that facilitates the largest trust network of online businesses and consumers on the internet

ZorroSign provides state-of-the-art Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions to banks and financial firms to secure the entirety of financial transactions

Calypso Technology

Provider of innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets

FactSet Research Systems

Creates flexible, open data and software solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial investment decisions


An integrated suite of performance management apps that offers reporting, analytics, and planning in a single, real-time solution that fully understands your ERP


Provides best-in-class solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations and allow you to manage highly complex, data intensive business environments


Provides best-in-class cloud ERP software to deliver the efficiencies and insights that keep companies on the fast track of growth


Delivers the most comprehensive solutions encompassing people, process, and platforms to change the way people work


Provider in digital publishing solutions for associations and digital marketing solutions for B2B marketers, connects the B2B world

NetSol Technologies

NetSol Technologies provides high quality products and services to the asset finance and leasing industry

Odyssey Information Services

Provider of solutions for corporate changes, budget pressures, core business changes, and mergers/acquisition


Global provider of a scalable cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM)

Risk Management Solutions

RMS models and software help insurers, financial markets, corporations, and public agencies evaluate and manage catastrophe risks


Provides clients with smarter software, remarkable service and relationships built on trust and proven reliability


Provides a cloud-based productivity platform for enterprises to collect, link, report and analyze business data with control and accountability


XLerant provides a cloud-based budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution for mid-sized organizations—purpose-built to engage the budget managers to make informed decisions