Enabling ERPs for Integrated Financial Performance Management

Neil Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer
In today’s digital age, there is an increasing need for companies to apply modern approaches to their ERPs that enable them to handle corporate finances to gain competitive advantage,” says Neil Anderson, CMO, insights f twar However, many companies still handle the key aspects of corporate finances such as reporting, budgeting, and reconciliation processes outside their ERP systems using spreadsheets. Such practice results in the creation of multiple versions of spreadsheets and inefficiencies in processing accurate information. In addition, the need to import these spreadsheets back into the ERP slows down overall accounting processes. is in the business of helping accounting and finance personnel get out of the ‘fire fighting mode’ for month-end closures, and relieving them of the security concerns of spreadsheets. The Greenwood Village, CO based company offers comprehensive solutions that integrate with a client’s existing ERP in real-time, providing end users with a fast, secure, easy way to report, manage and plan their finances and improve overall corporate performance.
“We have a lot of people who came directly from the Oracle ERP ecosystem,” says Anderson. “The team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who understand how the ERP is architected to handle corporate finances in relation to the business processes. The company also has finance domain experts— former Controllers and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) professionals. “They joined us because of the unique way we solve the ERP problems,” he adds. A disconnected ERP system has been making the life of a finance professional miserable—and forcing corporations to pay hidden taxes on everything they do —getting in the way of improving the performance of the business. On the contrary, the Hubble® solution from stays connected to the critical business systems, like ERP or CRM. Hubble fully understands those systems, the business logic, and the data logic. “We provide pre-built content so that customers get true value out of their ERPs quickly,” quips Anderson.

Mastering corporate finances

Hubble includes prebuilt content for multiple industries including templates for manufacturing, distribution, human capital management, project, homebuilder and real-estate to enhance the productivity of the ERP user. “When enterprises fail to leverage ERPs to have a complete visibility in to their data sets, they are forced to build reports one at a time,” says Anderson. Hubble allows end users to immediately help themselves to the most pressing answers from their data sets. The solution also streamlines business processes, like month-end close, and MRP runs for demand based planning and payroll processing, with intelligent tools that go beyond reporting to make people more productive. Hubble analytics allows end users to analyze information throughout all facets of the business; salesperformance management, human capital performance management, customer service, operational performance management and customer satisfaction for example. Hubble planning capability automates the budgeting process by keeping all stakeholders distributed throughout the business in sync and up to date with the most current actuals in real time from the ERP.
Hubble brings all the aforementioned offerings together into a single real-time solution. It has built-in ERP intelligence, security, collaboration and mobile. With everything integrated, everyone works in real-time in a single data source. The company’s unified solution is to offer a better approach to link financial data to ERPs for sophisticated reporting, analytics and planning. “While other platforms in the market fail to handle data with performance, volume, or time restrictions, Hubble has cracked the code on all three,” says Anderson. The platform can handle a billion transactions in real-time, in summary and in detail, over the whole breadth of corporate finance in a very short time—“we’re talking 10 seconds,” he adds.

The Hubble advantage

“Using Hubble’s data integration capability we were able to help a leading sports promotion company by quickly adding new data sources,” remarks Anderson. Many of their data sources were not integrated into their ERP, so the client failed to get the accurate information regarding the revenue generated by each event. With Hubble, the client’s data sources from Pay-Per- View are integrated with their ERP so that everyone in the organization can visualize results in real-time. In addition, Google Analytics information is now integrated to provide leading indicators for each event. “This data integration was completed in just three weeks. Now all our existing customers and prospects can benefit from Google Analytics and Pay-Per-View data source integrations,” extols Anderson. has developed a work culture where driving high performance for the clients is its purpose and passion, “but most importantly, when we work together, it’s fun,” he adds. For its commitment toward clients, in 2008, was named Gartner cool vendor in finance and procurement.

Offers comprehensive solutions that integrate with client’s existing ERPs in real-time, providing endusers with a fast, secure, easy way to report, plan and manage their business

“We are in the middle of very exciting times for the company and the clients. We will be publicly announcing our entrance into the market as a full financial corporate performance management solution provider through Hubble on June 15,” says Anderson. The company is also focusing on the rebranding campaign, bringing all its offerings under the Hubble umbrella. “Also, much of our references in the next five years will be about sharing the value of this integrated solution in fixing problems within financial management arena. We are excited about our ability to provide customers with a single solution that drives high performance for their business,” concludes Anderson.


Greenwood Village, CO

Neil Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer

Hubble is an integrated suite of performance management apps. It offers reporting, analytics and planning in a single real-time solution that fully understands your ERP.